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Attila Ertsey DLA

As an organic architect, his Master is the late Imre Makovecz. The source of his approach is the anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. He designs self-sufficient, autonomous houses and develop sustainable settlement strategies.

1985 BME Faculty of Architecture, Master of Architecture

Doctor of Liberal Arts degree in 2013 at PTTE Breuer Marcell Graduate School

University lecturer at SZIE-YMMF, ELTE, Faculty of Human Ecology, BME and at EMTE Sapientia in Miercurea Ciuc, Transylvania.

Co-author of the book Sustainable Architecture (TERC, 2017).
President of Kós Károly and Nádasdy Foundation, founding member of Hungarian Green Building Council

2009-2013 Vice-President of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects

2009-2012 Chief Architect of Borszék, Transylvania

Founding editor-in-chief of the European Middle quarterly, since 2018

Member of the Danube Charter

Website: www.autonomhaz.eu

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