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Food, Health and Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Bardócz Zsuzsanna

Our nutrition determines our health because it provides the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and fibers for our organism. 90 % of the diseases are related to faulty nutrition or are triggered by certain substances in our food that are harmful to health.

The agriculture was transformed, industrialised, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides are used. All this resulted in the decrease of vitamins and minerals in our food. At the same time chemical residues can be found in the foodchain. The combined effects of all these are unknown. Genetically modifed (GM) plants and animals have been on the market since 1990s, however, the effects of this change is not investigated, we have only indirect evidence of its harmfulness. In order to solve the accumulating problems the „Lords of the World” believe that the population needs to reduce the meat consumption and agriculture must use less energy. For the sake of „protecting our health” our eating habits should be changed just as the methods of food production.

Meat substitutes (produced by GM bacteria) are being introduced. The European Union approved the „production” of insect proteins, and it can be used as food. Artificial meat and artificial diary products turned up already on the market. In order to protect animals, the consumption of meat produced in cell cultures will dominate over the consumption of the meat of farmed animals.

Plants are grown in closed buildings, using artificial light and providing constant temperature. Saving water is also an important part of growing plants on these „horizontal farms”. The conditions are optimized for every plant grown in artificially created nutrient solutions. The crops grown using genetically optimized seeds might turn up soon on the shelves of the shops. The seasons and the weather does not have any influence on the plants grown on the horizontal farms.

A fully controllable new food chain is being created. It is not the aim to put healthy food on our tables, but to control our nutrition (or starvation) totally and make us obey.

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