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Michael Sabbe

Michael Sabbe ('55) is an economist. He studied economics at the American university AUP. He is an entrepreneur and has experience in various sectors such as ISP provider, information systems, the textile and automotive industry. For the last few years his focus is on the development of green energy solutions, and lectures on sustainable financial systems. A sound economy (household) leads to a prosperous world for all. Click here for more info about Michael.

United People Foundation is engaged in the development and promotion of innovative projects, products and services that serve society. United People ensures a balanced implementation of its subservient projects, products and services in collaboration with third parties. In this way we return money to a means, to make our lives easier. Our activities provide returns only on the basis of natural growth. The result is a society in which people build an existence based on respect and compassion. We ourselves are the change.

The great key to achieving truly positive change in this world in a peaceful manner is to realize a comprehensive financial platform with its own currency. The URA platform and the URA currency offer this possibility to every person on earth. This marks the beginning of our liberation!

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