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One world, One health ideology, the new moral code

Willem Christiaan Engel

One world, One health is an ideology that has been around for many years. It centers around the balance between human health, animal health and environmental vitality. It pursues a medical ethical change in society.

Since 2004 (manhattan principles) this group has found an ally in the rockefeller foundation and has been able to infiltrate governments worldwide. Around 2008 the UN, worldbank, US en EU adopted this approach and made it into a plan to change the world with the green new deal and agenda 2030. With Covid One world, One health has committed a coup making everything about covid and together with entities as WHO, CDC and ECDC dictating national policies worldwide effectively taking over the executive powers. The core of this ideology is the sacrifice of the individual for the greater good, in which a small group of 'experts' determine what that greater good is.

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