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Side effects of vaccines, as seen in the dental practice

Dr. Ormay Péter

In 2005 – as it was revealed later – I could see an „undesirable side effect” of the experimental BCG vaccine. From that time on I do not trust unconditionally and I follow the aspirations, the business goals and the profit-oriented communication of the vaccine manufacturers. Over the past two and a half years the so called Covid epidemic and its handling pointed out to several legal problems and medical ethics issues characterized frequently by series of illogical and faulty measures. Nothing is over yet! The goal we are moving towards is not clear at all.

While taking their seats in the dentist’s chair most of the patients are worried. In order to enjoy just a few seconds of delay a lot of them open up and tell their own stories after the vaccination. Very often it is impossible to see the skin- and mucosal lesions. Something definitely happened to the patients who had visited me before and during the time of their following visits their movement was restricted, their eyes were bloodshot or simply felt unwell. As a medical practicioner I must be suspicios, assuming that all these symptoms might be the results of the vaccine. We have seen similar examples in the history already.

In my short presentation I collected examples from my dental practice. The long-term effects of the hastily introduced, unknown gene therapy are unforeseeable. If we want to ignore them, this is the biggest possible mistake. There used to be a well-functioning system to report the side-effects of vaccines, however, it is changed. We created a website in order to support being able to make reports and I would like to share my experience regarding it keeping in mind „nil nocere”.

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