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Címke: Natalia Prego A

Dr. Natalia Prego

? Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).? Specialty in Family and Community Medicine carried out in Coimbra (Portugal).? University expert in Phytotherapy and Nutrition by UNED (Spain). * Medical experience more of 20 years of profession.* Practicing emergency medicine for more than 10 years.* Director of a Health […]

Ivermectin: a key piece in the treatment of post-covid-19 vaccine side effects

Dr. Natalia Prego After the massive vaccination campaigns around the world of covid-19, the effects of these experimental inoculations have begun to appear intensely and with high incidence for more than a year, increasing mortality worldwide. These so-called vaccines do not immunize, are not necessary and are not safe, due to insufficient research on them […]
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