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Pamela A. Popper, President Wellness Forum Health

Pam Popper is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health; and the founder and Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health. The company provides educational programs, extensive libraries of videos and articles, diet and lifestyle intervention, and assistance to consumers who are interested in regaining and/or maintaining optimal health. The company also offers professional development programs for health professionals who want to convert or start a practice focused on health instead of sick care. Through its own network of providers, Wellness Forum Health offers direct-to-consumer healthcare services.

Pam has been featured in many widely distributed documentaries, including Processed People and Making a Killing and appeared in the acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives, which played in major theaters throughout North America in 2011. She is one of the co-authors of the companion book which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 66 weeks. She is the author of Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life.

Pam is a featured as the lead expert in Food Choices, appears in Diet Fiction, and also in Code Blue, which was released in early 2020. She is the author of the companion books for Food Choices and Diet Fiction.

Her newest book is COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened and What’s Next ,which she co-authored with Shane Prier.

Pam is also a lobbyist and public policy expert, and continually works toward changing laws that interfere with patients’ right to choose their health provider and method of care. She has testified in front of legislative committees on numerous occasions, and has testified three times in front of the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Pam is one of the co-founders of Make Americans Free Again. This national organization, through it’s local groups, is saving small businesses, helping parents to withdraw their children from our failing schools, raising money for lawsuits, and representing our healthcare workers who are faced with draconian vaccine mandates.

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