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COVID-1984: Black box – The scenario of a mental epidemic and the way out

Dr. Kovács Mónika Erika (MD, PhD)

Understandably, our attention is concentrated on the health effects of this mistery virus and how our health is affected by the experimental vaccines developed against the virus. However, why is this epidemic so strange?

Even the worst epidemics of history subsided after 2 to 3 waves. In case of Covid-19 the sixth wave is expected already despite of the widespread vaccination. There are several contradictions surrounding the epidemic, however, the overall picture is far more complex. I have been investigating for over a year the anomalies and the underlying forces of the corona virus epidemic: the definition of the rewritten epidemiological terms and protocols, the manipulated statistics, the biological, phychological and social background and the consequences. It is fundamental to understand them to find the way out.

What is the result? A comprehensive collection of evidence to see how the rewritten regulations and the propaganda (in most of the cases) resulted in a virtual, laboratory epidemic. If you are able to see the whole picture, you will not be able to understand how the covid narrative could have been accepted by the people of the whole globe, by the experts of the whole globe. The reason is that humans are vulnerable. It is not our immune system that could not protect us, it could do an excellent job if it were allowed.

However, there is a mental war against humanity, our mind is not prepared for it and is defensless. The most important weapons are the propaganda of the media, the psychological manipulation and influencing the population: creating fear, open emotional blackmail, division…

It is extremely important to understand the psychological mechanisms in order to be able to find a solution. The power of the mind is enormous! It supports us to develop immunity against the propaganda, it helps even to avoid the harmful effects of the regulations and that of the vaccines in order to save / restore our physical and mental health, so that we were able to regain our freedom and normal life.

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