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How did we get to this point? An overview of the medical history of vaccinations

Dr. Tuzson Rita

Vaccination is effective because it protects us and our children from infectious diseases. It has no side effects or they are insignificant ones. This is the general perception. The graduates are leaving medical universities also with this conviction.

Is it really the truth?

We are going to examine since when, why and how this view could have remained set in stone both among the proffesionals and in the public. We are going to take facts from the medical history, from the history that is not always as glorious as advertised and we are checking epidemiological data as well to overview the classical, pre-Covid 19 vaccinations.

We are going to talk about the role of homeopathy in the recognition of vaccine damages and about the possibilites of treatment as well.

This abstract is a short summary of a much more complicated issue.

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