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How to build up an alternative Hungary, between East and West

Attila Ertsey DLA

The artificially induced global crisis that started in 2020 is a part of a well-planned scenario. Those who triggered the crisis have unveiled their long-term plan, which they are pushing ahead at breakneck speed.
The unfolding scenario points towards the One World Order, with the World Government on the top.
The chaos orchestrated by its creators is aimed at a complete destruction of the framework of our lives. As a result of general robotisation mass unemployment, insecurity, food crisis, currency crisis, environmental crisis, energy crisis, epidemics, famine and the threat of war is on the horizon.
When chaos and despair will take over, attractive solutions will be offered and will be welcomed by the masses as salvation, like

  • synthetic foods for hunger,
  • telemedicine,
  • the global digital currency (CBDC),
  • universal basic income (UBI),
  • you will lose your property, then become a renter (Share Economy)
  • full mandatory vaccinations, even for babies,
  • and the result of all this is population control.

If all of this plan is fulfilled, it will mean the end of a life worth to live for human beings, and indeed the end of mankind.

More and more people in the world are waking up, and formulate a common goal: the construction of a parallel society. We must build a second Hungary, because the first one has been conquered.
What to do? - this is the most "Frequently Asked Question".

The historical form of the centralised unitary state has finally come to an end.
It is time to create our own scenario. The war is being waged against Central Europe and against the human Middle, the I.

The most urgent actions we must take in the short time until the historical time-window is still open, for ourselves, for our children and for humanity are:

  • We need to convene roundtables, where we without parties, can finally talk about the most important issues of our lives, not about politics, so that we could be able to organize ourselves.
  • We must create food sovereignty, access to healthy and natural food.
  • we must protect cash and create our own inviolable national currency.
  • We must work together to achieve a long waited monetary and property reform that puts property in the hands of local communities and finally puts an end to speculation and to the rule of the banks.
  • We must set schools, science and medicine, and all the economy free from the control of the all-powerful state, dominated by multinationals and oligarchs.
  • We must create our own media.
  • We must restore Middle Europe and the human Middle, destroyed by two world wars and destined to be crushed finally by a new war.
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