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The Effects of the mRNS COVID Vaccines on Chemical and Physical Levels. Recognition and treatment of side effects, the Phenomenon of Shedding

Dr. Walter Weber

Short overview about the actual COVID vaccines.

It is highly questionable whether it is worth using vaccination in case of viral diseases causing a cold.

According to the publication of the German Insurance Association the doctors working for the association reported 2,5 million side effects / 153 million COVID vaccine doses. To make it clear, every 25th patient had to contact his doctor due to the side effects.

Only 10 % of the death cases was reported by the doctors, 90 % was reported by family members.

I will interpret the figures. What side effects can be expected and how can we treat them? Does the phenomenon of shedding exist and what is it? How can it be treated with success? What are the consequences of vaccines on physical level?

I will share some spiritual aspects with you as well.

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