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Where are the vaccine victims in the statistics? Where did medical ethics go in ethics committees? Where is the Hippocratic Oath in the vaccine?

Tamasi József MD.

The pharmaceutical manufacturers drew attention to the possible side effects of the preparations even before the vaccinations.

Since the vaccinations, the number of people complaining about side effects has reached a significant level, and since they are not even listened to in the public healthcare system, or their complaints are explained, the majority of such conscious patients end up in private healthcare.

In addition, a certain increase in the inflammatory tendency can also be observed during the laboratory and physical examination protocol that we carry out.

In general, it can be said that vaccinations increase inflammation and, depending on the underlying diseases, the symptoms appear either as a worsening of the underlying disease or as an independent complaint that has not been known until now, but we also see that many people die after vaccinations. The types of symptoms is also very different. It is a function of the patient's body weight, general condition, lifestyle and natural remedies treatments.

Meanwhile, we see that after the administration of the vaccinations, the health department does not follow the condition of the vaccinated in any way, does not recognize vaccination complications, if the patient complains about the side effects of the vaccination, the answer is that “it is not possible”.

We can see excess mortality in every country, while in Hungary no one complains about reliable mortality data. In our presentation, we try to give an objective picture of our experiences in these highly impenetrable numbers and phenomena, in addition to the missing background informations.

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