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Willem Christiaan Engel

I studied Biopharmaceutical sciences from 1996-2001 (Leiden) and continued with a PhD in applied nanotechnology in single cell analysis 2002-2008 (Enschede & Leiden).

After submitting my thesis my life took a radical turn, after a voyage around the world I made a difficult decision to dance full time as this was my calling. When C19 came around that ended abruptly and I was called back to the front line of science.

Since the start I have commited my life to informing the public about the perversion of science and the propaganda of traditional media. Organising rallies, demonstrations, petitions and above all court cases against the Dutch state over the measures, the PCR test, the injections, fair and transparent information and human right in general.

Websites: videowaarheid.nl

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